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Baby kittens fight over their mother cat’s boobs

After giving birth, I take care of Mimi’s physical condition by having her checked by a veterinarian and feeding a highly nutritious recovery food. There is a slight time lag with the video, and Mimi’s health is currently recovering, so I would like the viewers to be relieved. In addition, Mimi is currently separating the living space from Coco, covering the birth box with a towel blanket when not shooting, so that Mimi and the kittens can spend their time with peace of mind, so please rest assured. How precious! Also, two of the babies have tiger-like patterns on their face like Big Sister Kiki! 😍 all three are incredibly adorable! And Mimi is such a great mama! 🫶🏽 That was the cutest and funniest thing l’ve seen in a while Mimi has 8 boobies and the fur babies are fighting over one ahahah, Mimi looks much more rested today. God bless everyone ❤

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