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German Shepherd Confused by Tiny Kittens on Human Dad’s Chest

Rocky wondering why dad is babysitting instead of him. ❤️💙💜 Rocky es un bellezon,felicidades al dueño q sabe tranquilizarlo y q aprenda a socializar con los gatillo😀😘🌹🌹❤️ Rocky,you are such a natural being around those beautiful, delightful little kittens. So attentive, patient, loving and tolerant. And to have the reassurance and glances towards your human dad warms my heart. ❤️Imo, this man has the perfect life surrounded by the most beautiful, precious and sweet fur babies…It doesn’t get any better than this….I would be in heaven right now ❤️🐕🐈🐈🐈🐈❤️ Wow four tiny kitten’s Rocky’s like bit amused didn’t quite know what too do? Ahh sniffing them all gently loved how they’re all different shades off colours. ❤😻😸💕💙

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