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German Shepherd Meets Puppies for the First Time

One of these puppies looks just like a little lab. Love how papa is looking at him like, “he ain’t mine.” They’re just adorable!i like how like a good parent he went to see how the shy one was doing, checked on him and how he tried to discipline the naughty one!It is nice to see him (her?) paying attention to the least assertive and most vulnerable puppy, patiently laying in the background while shyly waiting to be noticed by the big one. I wish more people would be like that.I love how one golden pup is the naughtiest and the other is the shyest… The dog went to the shy one like “hey little buddy” and the naughty one just kept fighting for attention haha. Such curious babies.. ❤️❤️This is too adorableI love seeing how gentle GSD’s are. So loyal, and rather “sucky”. For a big “tough” dog, I am not sure if I will ever be able to consume the amount of love my mutt gave me! Thanks Champion for loving me. I miss you so much!Oh… what a gentle dog!!!! Such was my Luna ( Moon in spanish), who ALWAYS, during 14 years, welcomed with love and joy every puppy and kitten I brought home!!!!! I miss you so much Luna….. ❤️❤️❤️German shepherds are really one of the best dog breeds. I grew up with one, he was such a nice loyal dog. He was so sweet and gentle, they really are underrated pups.That’s crazy! Had a German Shepard show up at the house about a month ago. Can’t be to much more than a year old.Very intelligent dog! Ironically enough, I named him rocky!

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