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German Shepherd Protects Babies and Kids Compilation

Are German Shepherds good with kids, babies and children like other dogs and cats? So cute😍💕 👶❤️🐶 I love dogs. Dogs make us feel at ease, don’t they? dogs love babies..i hv seen many videos and i hv realised they never harm babies..even when they r playing, pulling by their dress or socks they r always careful not to bite them..and they are very protective of babies especially newborns..loved how one of those dogs was trying to wrap the blanket around the baby on the stroller so that he doesn’t get cold!! I never understood how parents could allow their dogs to lick all over their babies especially newborns. I’d be very nervous about transferring unwanted germs and risk of infection. Still, I do admire the love and affection these dogs show the children😊❤. Dogs are so gentle with babies. They love to guard and protect them. I love the newborn with the German Shepherd dogs. Even though they are at least three times the size of the baby, they are so gentle. This is the reason why i love and trust dog more than humans💖 They are so loyal and adorable 😌

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