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Golden Retriever Reacts to Tiny Kittens in his Bed

Golden Retriever Reacts to Tiny Kittens in his Bed! We hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to hit that subscribe button for new videos. It is SO cute how he is so upset yet so gentle and how the kittens know for a fact that he won’t hurt them cuz they don’t bother moving till the end, only just enough to give him enough space to lay down without complaining 😂❤ I love watching the internal conflict of “I want my bed back!” and “I cannot hurt the tiny fragile things.” My border collie mix reacted similar when one of my young adult cats was on her blanket. She literally looked at the cat, looked at me, and looked back at the cat as if to say, “Mom, she’s on my blanket! Do something” Lady saw that I was laughing and decided to pull the blanket out from under the cat. The cat hung on and enjoyed the ride. Lady dropped the blanket and decided to stop fighting a losing battle and walked away. The cat, seeing that the ride was over, got off the blanket and walked away. I love how at the end the kittens don’t seem scared, just mildly confused by Bailey’s antics, like “why is the giant strange looking cat flopping around and disturbing our nap?”

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