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Stray Kitten Gets Into a Woman’s Heart And Insists On Adoption

The ginger kitten was rescued by concerned people and taken to a Montreal shelter. The kitten was still very small and needed round-the-clock care. After hearing about the story, volunteer Jess took care of the kitten and brought him home. Love stories that end like this! Off course he would not have had to wait long for someone to swoop him up with that heartmelting face❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 💙🐾 If he could talk , I can imagine his little voice saying are you my mama how can you resist saying no 💔 You had no choice 💙 he’s your forever baby , meow 💞 This little fur baby Mars is such a beautiful little ginger kitty 😘🤗😽🐾🐾 thank you for saving little kitty Mars now he can live a wonderful, happy and healthy life 🙏❤️😺💘🐾🐾 With a face LIKE THAT i be surprised only one haart he stole i am sure million are falling head over hill in LOVE with him me included. ❤ If I would have been at Jess place I would have been done the same thing. I too adopted a stray cat and then she was my family 💕❤️

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