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Tiny Kitten and Golden Retriever are Best Friends [Cuteness Overload]

Tiny Kitten and Golden Retriever are Best Friends [Cuteness Overload]! We hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to hit that subscribe button for new videos.This kitten is so trusting and loving of Bailey, cause that’s the way Bailey is. The kitty might be a little confused, all that fur, but no milk 🍼❣Aside from his infinite patience and gentleness, it’s the eyes that get me. His little glances to the side and to his mistress. Lovely. 🐕Bailey is just letting the Kitten Snuggle Well and does not care about the tickles. Such a cute and lovable Doggo. ❤️Que coisa maravilhosa! Esse gatinho amarelo é apaixonado pelo Bailey, tal qual a mãe deles! Aliás, Bailey é realmente apaixonante por ter uma natureza alegre e nobre!Oh my goodness just breathtaking watching Bailey love’s his tiny kitten 🐱 and the tiny kitten love’s Bailey. We all need a Bailey in our lives so proud Bailey is the smile on his face when tiny kitten snuggling into his fur Ahhh tiny meow 😻. Thank you for sharing this video actually made me smile tonight after bad News. Give Bailey and tiny kitten cuddles 🤗 from me in Sydney Australia 🇦🇺 with love ❤️The kitten is soooo cute& precious! I wonder if it’s trying to find where it can nurse from Bailey! Bailey is cute too! 😊❤😽❤🐶I’ve noticed in all the ‘Bailey/Kittens’ video, this Orange and White kitten is the only one who constantly moves towards Bailey…these two are gonna be best of friends foreverEl gatito quiere acurrucarse con Bailey y estar mas calientito, anda buscando su lugar en el cuerpo de Bailey. Es admirable como Bailey es paciente con cachorritos como gatitos, conejitos, perritos, si son beibis, él es el amigo indicado, los vigila, cuida y protege. ❤️ 😘 💞

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